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You Relax, We Clean

In Los Angeles and its neighborhood, Happy Houses Cleaning Services provides the best regular cleaning services. Our house cleaning services are available on a weekly, monthly, or bimonthly basis. Our skilled house cleaners are completely equipped and vetted to provide professional housekeeping services, which are delivered with 100% attention. Overall, we have a pleasant office staff. Someone is always available to answer your call.

We are your one-stop shop for all types of residential properties when it comes to home cleaning. It’s time to take a break from housework. While your house is being cleaned, relax and enjoy yourself.

Harms Of Not Cleaning Your Home Regularly

A filthy house is unpleasant to live in and may also harm your health. The more dust and filth you have in your house, the more likely you are to develop allergies and other respiratory issues like asthma. It also means that if carcinogens are present in the home, you’re more likely to acquire lung illness or possibly cancer.

Contaminants such as E. coli, Legionnaires’ disease, and salmonella, thrive amid dirt, soot, and grime. Dirty homes may also affect your behavior, with many individuals reporting high levels of stress while cleaning their homes.

Therefore, regular cleaning is very important. At the same time, it’s also understandable that not everyone has time to clean, in such situations, you can rely on HHCS and get superb maid services in Los Angeles at highly reasonable prices.

Vetted & Screened Professionals

Our maids and housekeepers go through an extensive background check to ensure we are sending the right people to your home.

Spotless Home Everyday

Our sole goal is to provide you with flawless homes that are germ-free and highly welcoming. Schedule your regular cleaning, in Los Angeles today.

You Are In Safe Hands

From apartment keys to fragile items, we will take care of everything. With Happy Houses Cleaning maids, you are always in safe hands.

No Hidden Charges

Our regular cleaning cost is quite reasonable, we offer personalized assistance and do not demand any hidden charges or upsells at all.



Our maids/housekeepers will bring their supplies and products. Happy Houses Cleaning Services is offering its regular cleaning services starting from $125 for a one-bathroom and 1 bedroom apartment/home! Our regular maid cleaning service in Los Angeles is starting from $125 only, the add-ons will cost more. It’s the basic price for an apartment with one bedroom and one bathroom.

Price for 1 Bedroom,
1 Bathroom ,Apartment

The Preparations You Need To Make Before The Experts Arrive:

There’s very little you’re expected to do in advance of the cleaning crew’s arrival. The most important thing to remember is that there’s no need to conduct any pre-cleaning, so don’t be concerned about the mess, no matter how bad it appears!

Our professionals have everything planned out and are confident in their ability to remain on top of things from the start.

However, before your cleaners arrive, it’s a good idea to clear up any clutter, like clothing, books toys, magazines, and dishes. This will make cleaning all of the surfaces more thorough and efficient.

Also, if you want the bed linens and towels replaced, make a note of where the clean ones are located.


We provide three regular cleaning packages: weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. If you’re hiring us for the first time, we’ll recommend a thorough cleaning. After that, you may choose your preferred package for periodic cleaning, which will not only save you money but also work and time.

Furthermore, our regular clients are eligible to participate in our LOYALTY PROGRAM, which entitles you to substantial savings and other benefits.


15% Off Weekly


10% Off Bi-Weekly


5% Off Monthly

Regular Cleaning Checklist By HHCS

The regular cleanups generally include

  • Bedrooms,
  • Bathrooms,
  • And kitchens.

You can add extra services while scheduling your appointment online.


Contact us at your convenience to learn more about our regular cleaning services in Los Angeles.


  • All fixtures were hand wiped clean.
  • Hand wiped cleaning all cabinets and drawers interior/exterior.
  • Scrub down the counter and backsplash.
  • Clean and disinfect sinks and faucets
  • Wipe down microwave interior/exterior.
  • Hand wiped oven and refrigerator exterior.
  • Wash sinks and countertops backsplash.
  • Floors vacuuming and wet mopped.
  • Remove trash, wipe down the trash can and replace the liner.
  • Wash dishes
  • Light switches wiped.


  • Light fixtures and light switches hand wiped.
  • Streak-free mirror cleaning
  • Clean and disinfect sinks, shower walls, tub, and showerheads.
  • Wipe down all cabinets exterior.
  • Clean and shine tiles and glass doors.
  • Hand wiped countertops.
  • Clean and disinfect toilet and toilet area
  • Vacuum bathroom rugs.
  • Floor scrubbed and disinfected.
  • Remove trash, wipe down the trash can and replace the liner.


  • Ceiling fans and light fixtures hand wiped
  • Mirror cleaned streak-free
  • Floors vacuuming and dust mopped or wet mopped
  • Remove trash and replace the liner
  • Make the bed or change linens (need to be provided)
  • Hand cleaning railings and handrails (polishing if wood)

Most Cost-effective Routine Cleaning Service, Los Angeles, California!

Our regular cleaning cost is much more affordable than other cleaning companies in Los Angeles. Our charges start from $125 for a standard one-bathroom, one-bedroom apartment. The cost may vary depending on multiple factors, i.e, the size and location of your property, as well as the type of cleaning you, ’ve selected.

We pay our maids fairly, but if you like their hard work, you can tip them. Feel free to contact us for more queries and concerns.

Our Customers Have A Lot To Say

They were prompt, efficient, and left my home immaculate! I would strongly suggest them to my friends and relatives!

Client, Happy Houses

The maid at HHCS is always kind and professional. She pays attention to detail and performs a fantastic job. Highly recommended.

Client, Happy Houses

Things went off without a hitch, and it’s simple to set up payment and future services. Hiring HHCS has been a positive experience.

Client, Happy Houses

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Regular Cleaning, Los Angeles Are:

Will your cleaners carry their cleaning supplies?

Yes, your cleaners will bring all the necessary supplies. Please make a note in your booking if you want your cleaners to utilize your products.

Will my cleaner be the same each time I come?

Yes. For each appointment, we will recommend the same cleaner. We understand the importance of having someone you know and trust clean your house.

Is it true that the cleaners clean both interior and outside (external) windows?

Your window cleaners can only clean the inside of your windows. Outside windows are usually not cleanable by them.

Do the cleaners clean behind items such as the refrigerator and oven, or behind large pieces of furniture?

Yes, your cleaners can usually accomplish that, but you’ll need to move all of your furniture and appliances before they arrive. Due to liability concerns, the cleaners normally do not undertake any heavy lifting and are unable to move any furniture or appliances.

Is it necessary to clean my house with electricity or water?

Yes, your cleaners will need electricity and flowing water to function effectively. If your cleaners come and your power or water is turned off, the cleaning will be considered canceled, and our standard cancellation policy will apply.